Power, Influence and leading high performance teams - Date 2019 tbc

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date 2019 tbc (from 9h30 till 17h15)
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Understand and encourage your team


Learn about formal and informal bases of power, different types of influence tactics, and the importance of nonverbal communication on a leader’s ability to influence others. You will understand how to gain commitment to a decision rather than mere compliance. And you will walk away with tools and tactics to help you become a more influential leader.


The second part of the day will provide frameworks for understanding high performance teams, as well as a number of specific and practical tips for how to encourage high performance in your own team.





Dr Connson Locke


Dr Connson Locke joined the Employment Relations and Organisational Behaviour Group in 2008 as Lecturer in Management. She is also a member of the Innovation Co-Creation Lab, the Radical Innovation,Team Processes and Leadership project and is Deputy Head of the Behavioural Research Lab.


Randall S. Peterson


Randall S. Peterson is Professor of Organisational Behaviour at London Business School and Chair of the Organisational Behaviour Subject Area, and of the London Business School Ph.D. committee. He teaches executive and MBA classes on leading teams and organisations, high performance teams, leadership assessment and interpersonal skill development.

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